Xbox Ambassador Program

imagescaao54dcWelcome to the Crash Course on the Xbox Ambassador Program!

Some time back in October 2006 Microsoft employee and gamer TriXie, started the Xbox Ambassador Program to give new users to the LIVE service and forums a friendly welcome and someone to go to when in need of some help.

Many years have passed and with the renovation of the  new forums the program has been raised to another level, with the merging of the Xbox Xpert’s and the Xbox Ambassadors.  Bringing help from the Ambassadors in a chat style for one to one help for any troubleshooting to solve any issues with the Live Service, the console, DLC and so forth to try sort out your issue before having to call Xbox Support which would have been your only other option other than posting in the support section on the forums.

What is an Xbox Ambassador?

The Xbox Ambassadors are normal everyday gamers like yourself  that give up their own time voluntarily to  represent the community from both sides, they are here to make sure you have a good experience and get you to Jump In! They are all mixtures of people from all round the world with our their own unique talents and skills raging from Kinect Support, opening your NAT , Zune Issues and even Windows phone!
Check out this Blog from MacheteBetty which will provide more in depth information here

I want to know more, where can i find out detailed information?

Currently with the recent revamp there is no updated Ambassador Program page and currently no updated list of Ambassadors. Click here to a link for the New Ambassadors page. If it doesn’t load for you, scroll to the bottom of the page and change the site from the United Kingdom to the United States.
Keep an eye on here though because soon as I know, you’ll know!

How do you know who is an Ambassador and who’s not?

 Maybe you have seen the icon before  that looks like a little Fred Perry crest on Gamercards around the forums and not know what it means but now you will, all Xbox Ambassadors will have this insignia stamped on their Gamercard on the forums, currently there is no stamp on the actual Gamercard on the console but most Ambassadors will have “Xbox Ambassador” as their motto or somewhere in their Bio. If you believe gamer is posing as an Ambassador when they are not, please try to contact another known Ambassador or Moderator on the forums to confirm that they are legitimate or not so that appropriate action can be taken.

If you’re new to Xbox Live or just looking for a fun time, send them a friend invite and a message because believe me they get a lot of requests.

I’ve seen a few and they weren’t nice.  What do I do?

If you see behaviour which you deem to not be appropriate of an Ambassador then copy their Gamertag and send it to Gamertag XboxAmbassadors and the feedback/disciplinary action will be taken accordingly.

How do I submit to be an Xbox Ambassador?

Currently the Program is still accepting new memberships, since the merge between the Xpert Program and the Ambassador Program, there are now over 2000+ Ambassadors from all over the world, if you would like to become one of the many just click here to Apply.

Helpful information

Please note that Ambassadors will NEVER ask for your username and password (always keep that secret).

Also, please do not contact Ambassadors about other gamers you encounter who are misbehaving, trolling, etc. For those situations, please file a complaint against the user by using the complaint system within Xbox LIVE.

But, if you have any problems navigating the complaint system, an Ambassador can help you out!

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