IVG Staff

Here at the Inside View there are a number of people that make us who we are, we all come from different backgrounds and different countries and with our collective knowledge we hope to bring you the latest news and reviews from the gaming world!


 Matt – Uk Xbox Ambassador Editor & Owner of Inside View Gaming

Matt Aka Xenovive often spends his time talking in the Gaming Twitterverse keeping up to date with the industry and socializing with those that share his passion for Gaming from the Xbox 360 side of the Gaming universe or helping out in the Xbox Ambassador Program. Inside View Gaming was created as Matt’s own view and Gaming passion hoping to give something different to the Xbox Community. unfortunately a family and other fulltime job keeps him from IVG & Gaming he spends as much time as possible building friendships in the Xbox world, writing and hunting down news stories.

The Team at IVG

 Trip – Production Team/Back Of House

Trip spends his time gaming and doing behind the scenes work at IVG normally dealing with contributor requests hoping to find the best upcoming writers to work with us here at IVG.

Josh (OnyxSpartan) – Xbox Ambassador   Community Manager- Lead Xbox Reviewer

Been gaming on the Xbox since ’03.  I have a special place for both Halo: Combat Evolved and Mechassault as they were my first two games I played.  I was asked to do an article for an old game forum on Bioshock and that is what kick started my passion for writing about games and I’ve kept it to this day.  I enjoy helping out my fellow gamers so I decided to join the Xbox Ambassador program last year.

 Iain – Coder, Gamer, UK Xbox Ambassador, Windows Phone ‘into’ Insider.
Part-time Xbox reviewer & resident Windows Phone Guru

I Mainly talk rubbish. Wants to be a spaceman when i grow up.
I Write my own Windows Phone blog.

 Liam – Xbox Gamer and IVG Newshound

Liam heads up the IVG YouTube Channel, keep an eye for our upcoming vi-docs!


Louise – Xbox Newshound  & Occasional Feature Writer

Im not much of a gamer – but i spend an awful amount of time playing games on my Windows Phone7.


Misconfigured – IVG Newshound

Amateur Video game/Tech Journalist. Amateur web developer.
I like to code so im a geek ? so what ? does that make you mad ? umad ?    

I like moths 🙂

RHYS – IVG Halo Team Member

Post Booter on Halo Waypoint
We aren’t rejects, we get Rejections…
Occupy Yellow Lift Movement 2012
Follow me on Twitter: @TheLittleMoa

IVG Special Thanks to IRB
For all your continuing help and support for helping us get sorted and your occasional posts!

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