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 Want to join The Inside View?

Currently The Inside View is just a small time blog by couple of Xbox fans that enjoy writing and passionate about gaming. we are on the lookout for enthusiastic content writers to join us and help us expand into something extremely awesome. We already have our very own Windows phone app and currently looking into Android and IOS to help get your content seen by as many people wherever they are!

Okay, im interested. so what can I write about?

At the moment we prefer it to be Xbox or Windows phone, especially Kinect reviewers as they are our main focus’, although we are saying no to anything else! We are happy to accept people who are looking to get into writing reviews, so if your just starting out or already a master reviewer, we encourage you to spread your wings! Formats of  content will be discussed when applying.

So what do i get for doing this?

On occasions we have been gifted Xbox Avatar content, Beta invites, Microsoft Points and XBLA games, the rewards come with the effort that we as a team put in.  We are only a small time site, though with patience and growth there’s no end to where it will lead us. unfortunately there is not going to be any money thrown at you for the content you put in, everything you do is of your own free will but belongs to once published, so if you’re not in it for the passion of writing and gaming then im afraid you’re looking at the wrong site, upon applying and succeeding in joining our staff on and our forums, you understand these terms.

Current Available Positions;

Please contact by email to request a list of current positions:


How do i apply?

To express your interest as a content writer, fill in the contact form below.

Make sure to tell us what game genres you’re interested in and the IVG Team will get in touch with about your application, we will request a sample of the kind of work you are looking to provide so we can see what kind of work you will be submitting.

If you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Twitter – @IVG_Official

Email –

Or the following web form

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