Welcome to Inside View Gaming!

The Start
The Inside View was the original name of a blog owned by Matt Stephens, the blog site was originally to be about my views on the Xbox Live Community, my role as an Ambassador and many other gaming related topics.

Since the initial launch of the blog my view for where the blog was headed has changed dramatically from just bits and bobs here and there with no clue about the gaming industry and extremely limited knowledge in creating websites to growing my knowledge of the industry, making connections to help build up this site and yet still having no idea when it comes to websites . You hear through the grapevine about how hard it is to get into the gaming industry and what you hear is true, it is hard to break in to the industry not just  about getting in with the publishers and developers creating  games but also beta testing, getting your own publications out into the public view and receiving games to review for us to give our own opinion for our fans. I enjoy writing  and hope that my team and I can bring you some joy in talking about our experiences when gaming and helping others.

Inside View Gaming has evolved, bringing you all the news we can muster,  finding awesome merchandise, the low-down on game industry events and reviews.

The Staff at IVG are all here voluntarily, writing and pushing out what ever we can, growing our audience and making a name for ourselves.
We work very hard sharing any personal time here around our own busy lives and schedules, staff working full-time jobs elsewhere, with families and those that are not.

I started taking on other “fans” that wanted to share their experiences with you, with each of them having their own specialities and genre favourites slowly building up the founding members and staff. With our limited resources and own money & donations going into making IVG bigger and better we hope to show that you don’t need a fancy website or huge budget  with full-time writers just to enjoy what you love doing…Gaming. 
We are constantly looking to grow and add more and more people to our staff so if you’re looking for a place to call your home, to have an audience to share your gaming tips and tricks then make sure you send us a message!

The Inside View is proud to announce the release of our very own app on the Windows Phone marketplace! On the evening of the 23/01/2012 our app was uploaded on to the Windows Phone marketplace for download, a few little tweaks and hitches here and there before finally being certified.

Now you can stay up to date with all my travels in one easy place! The app features a  feed from my personal twitter (1hr delay), short snippets from all our site news articles as well as links to my Xbox LIVE profile, twitter, IVG.co.uk and a point of contact for me for any enquiries.

I would like to give a special thanks to my fellow UK Ambassador IRB, with out your most generous help, none of this would have been possible or at least as good, so thank you once again!

Those of you that follow @IVG_official or @xenovive on twitter  i hope you will enjoy this app. Take a look, get a feel for it and enjoy using it, and yes that’s right..its free!

Any comments/criticisms are much appreciated as well as your ratings! So please let us know what you think and of course any improvements you would like to see!

The app follows my views and interests surrounding the Xbox Live Community and my role as an Xbox Live Community Ambassador. On the app you will find all article posts from here as well as linking to my very own twitter feed and other ways to contact me. Version one already looks amazing so who knows what will come with the next update!

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